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Wellhead Vacuum

The Emmecom VCU series wellhead vacuum package is specifically designed to boost well head gas flow by reducing the flowing wellhead pressure. The liquid ring vacuum pump design offers the deep vacuum capability down to -90 Kpa (100 mbar absolute) and are ideally suited for “unconventional gas” applications such as enhancing the gas flow rate of low pressure wells, coal seam gas & land fill gas. 

The VCU series have a heavy duty structure that allows a greater differential pressure generation of up to 3 bar, and able to generate a discharge pressure of positive 2.5 bar depending on operating conditions. The package allows a negative pressure to be applied to the wells and can:

  • increase gas production for low pressure gas wells 

  • remove low pressure gas to aid in oil production 

The diagram below shows how the system could be set up. 

Armour Wellhead Vacuum & Compression Sch

Benefits & Advantages

Low operating temperature 

Suitable & safe for flammable & explosive gases


Very low noise & quiet operation

No suction silencer needed


No metal-metal contact

Low vibration, low noise and able to handle dust & fines


Higher compression ratio

Able to generate up to 3 bar compression


Stable & reliable 

Low speed operation results in low noise & vibration, increased run life


No lubrication needed

Liquid sealing & cooling, no metal to metal contact


Ability for handling wet process

Well suited to handle gases with liquid vapors 


Excellent for long hours operation

With low wear & tear due to no metal-metal contact. 



  • Vacuum down to approx 100 mbar abs (90% vacuum)

  • Capacity up to 31,500 m3/h

  • Compression up to 3 barg

  • Operating temperature: 15 to 35 °C

  • Positive displacement

  • Wet process

  • Isothermal compression

  • No lubrication required

  • High reliability (low speed)

Materials of Construction

  • Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Exotics

Shaft Sealing

  • Mechanical Seal, Packing