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Chemical Injection Packages


Due to the growing demands of EPC / Engineering companies in Oil and Gas and other industrial production industries, we've extended our activities to cover the design and fabrication of integrated pump packages including CHEMICAL INJECTION SYSTEMS.

Chemical Injection are used in a various industries that involves controlled and specific fluid handling injecting a certain fluid or chemical as an additives for making mixtures and chemical solutions.

These processes can be found in agricultural pesticide, pulp and paper manufacturing, plastic production, food industries, chemical industries, confectionaries, alcoholic and fruit juice beverage filtration, water treatment in power plants and most widely used in OIL & GAS and PETROCHEMICAL industries.

With a distinctive specific requirements for each industries of Chemical Injection System Packages; WEC are able to ensure that all chemical injection system are perfectly designed and fabricated according to end-user’s specification and local / international standards.

Having a proficient project team that is a supplier independent, we are capable of deciding the most suitable package solutions weather it needs API Compliant, air driven or motor driven pumps for the following packages:


  • Process Chemical Injection Equipment

  • Chemical Dosing Equipment ( Single or multiple chemical services)

  • Flow Control & Distribution Devices and Metering Equipment ( IRCD panel)

  • Integrated Chemical Injection Solutions

  • Produce Water Treatment Packages

  • Production / Sea Water Treatment – Chemical Injection Equipment

  • Hydrate Inhibitor Injection Package ( MeOH / MEG / LDHI)

  • Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Unit – Chemical tank and Chemical transfer equipment

  • Chemical Injection Systems designed for extreme environment applications


We deliver quality finish projects through our own In-House Engineering and Project Management System based on ISO standards Features & Services offered:


  • Custom built packages accommodating client’s space restriction.

  • Maintenance – friendly designs for maintenance experts

  • Working Environment Friendly Design compliant

  • 3-D Model & 3-D modelling review procedure before the start of fabrication

  • Structural raw material traceability, certification and intensive NDT’s as required

  • Integrated package complete with tanks, piping, valves and full instrumentation as required.

  • Intensive functional test of all components and the whole system prior to shipment.

  • Comprehensive documentation and third party certification.

  • Technical Assistance and after sales services.

We are continuously assisting our client for any Chemical Injection skid or system package from conceptualization of the design that will be in line with any stringent specification and international standard to project execution until commissioning.

Talk to our project specialists for more specific information about Chemical Injection System Packages.