With a long history of supplying quality products and effective solutions, we are able to provide the correct pump for your application. We have access to some of the world's best products and solutions with products catered specifically to move fluid in the oil & gas, mining, and process industry.

Chemical Injection

We have been supplying the Asia-Pacific region with top quality chemical dosing & injection pumps for over 40 years. We have the expertise to select, design, integrate & package the right chemical dosing & injection pumps for your application. We represent and supply some of the world's leading products and hold a large stock in our Singapore warehouse for quick delivery to Australia. 

Our range of chemical dosing & injection pumps include motor-driven metering & dosing pumps, available in Hydraulic & Mechanical Diaphragm, Plunger Type, and engineered for special solutions. 


Available Features :

  • ATEX STD compliance (94/9/CE) available

  • Multiple pumps arrangement with different sizes, materials and strokes

  • Extreme reliability and durability 

  • Available in full conformity with API 675 STD

  • Suitable for 24/7 demanding industrial applications

  • Electrical or pneumatic actuators 

  • Available in solar panel stand alone packages

See our chemical injection package page for detail on full engineered packages. 



Python® Pneumatically Operated Pumps


Python pumps are ideal for applications that require a pump to operate in an explosion proof environment and can run off regulated natural gas or compressed air.


These pumps have the lowest out of pocket cost, are easy to operate and use half the air consumption of other pumps in the
market. Plus, the Python’s extreme duty plungers, seals and timing valve are designed for years of operation before replacement.

Flow Rate:       up to 625 lpd

Pressure:         up to 12,000 psi

Materials:         HNBR, FKM, FKM ETP, TFE/P, and FFKM plunger packings                           and check valve seals can handle some of the most                                     aggressive chemicals.

Plunger Metering Pumps.JPG

Plunger Process Metering Pumps

OBL plunger process metering pumps suitable to be used in oil & gas, chemical process, water treatment, demineralization & petrochemical process. Pressure up to 400 bar and available in both spring & positive return. API675 compliant version and ATEX compliance (94/9/CE) for group II category 2 (zone 1/21) and group II category 3 (zone 2/22). Multiple pumps arrangement with different sizes, materials and strokes.

Flow Rate:       up to 5500 L/h

Pressure:         up to 400 bar (5801 psi)

Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps


Hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps which offer the seal-less product containment of mechanical diaphragm units and the high pressure capabilies of plunger types.  with built-in reliefvalve, air purge valve and mechanically actuated replenishingdiaphragm that guarantees at all a constant hydraulic balance that overcomes all suction problems. 

  • Simple and robust spring return plunger pump.

  • Low cost due to reduced number of components.

  • Suited to aggressive fluids.Single and multiple arrangement.

  • Available with a range of actuators.

  • Comply with API 675.

Flow Rate:       up to 2600 L/h

Pressure:         up to 350 bar (5067 psi)

Mechanical Diaphragm Metering Pumps


Mechanically actuated diaphragms which offer a chemically resistant seal-less option for low pressure applications. The OBL’s unique (patented) mechanical diaphragm design ensures linearity between flow rate and percentage of stroke. The flow rate is virtually uneffected by the working pressure variations.

  • Simple and robust spring return plunger pump.

  • Low maintenance costs due to small number of components.

  • Suited to aggressive fluids.

  • Single and multiple arrangement.

  • Spring or positive return.

  • Available with a range of actuators.

Flow Rate:       up to 1500 L/h

Pressure:         up to 12 bar (174 psi)