With a long history of supplying quality products and effective solutions, we are able to provide the correct pump for your application. We have access to some of the world's best products and solutions with products catered specifically to move fluid in the oil & gas, mining, and process industry.

Centrifugal Pumps

We have been supplying the Asia-Pacific region with top quality centrifugal pumps for over 40 years. Our pumps & pump packages are used in onshore & offshore oil & gas applications, chemical & process transfers, and tough mining applications.


Our team of experience engineers have the know-how to provide only the best pumping solutions that will work 100% of the time. We offer internationally acclaimed manufacturers, with cost effective products, including ISO & API Pumps, Seal-less Magnetic Pumps, High Pressure Boiler Feed Pumps, Polymer Pumps, Slurry Pumps and Submersible Pumps. 




Designed and manufactured to ISO2858/5199 standards for process applications in chemical industries, for general services and for heavy-duty applications in all industrial sectors.


These pumps are equipped with single stage, closed or semi-opened impellers. Pumps are highly efficient and provide a stable operation and lower running costs.

Flow Rate:       up to 2000 m3/hr

Head:               up to 150m

Materials:         GG‐25 (Cast Iron), GGG‐50 (Ductile Iron), GS‐45 (Cast                                   Steel), SS304, SS316, SS304L, SS316L, A‐890 (Duplex)


API 610 pumps designed and manufactured to 10th or 11th Edition. Pumps are designed at the highest standards to meet the most challenging process conditions.

Available configuration include OH-1 & OH2 horizontal centrifugal pumps and OH-3 & OH-4 vertical in-line centrifugal pumps.

Flow Rate:       up to 2600 m3/hr

Head:               up to 250m

Materials:         GGG-50 (Ductile Iron), SS304, SS316, SS904, Duplex SS


Engineered for extreme reliability in the most extreme chemical processing & mining applications, the seal-less magnetic drive pumps are made to either ISO, ANSI or DIN dimensions. 


The impeller is hydraulically and dynamically balanced and designed to achieve high efficiency and low N.P.S.H. values. Shaft supported by oil lubricated ball bearings. Close coupled available

Flow Rate:       up to 410 m3/hr

Head:               up to 150m

Materials:         Ductile Iron with ETFE lining, Stainless Steel 316L, Incoloy                           825 and Hastelloy C


High efficiency transfer of abrasive and high density slurries with extended wear life and reliable service intervals. Heavy duty horizontal slurry pumps designed to handle the transfer of abrasives and high-density slurries in mining and heavy industry. 


Pumps feature a rugged cast iron construction with replaceable wear liners available in 27% chrome white iron, rubber or urethane to suit a wide range of applications, slurry types and consistencies.

Flow Rate:       up to 6500 m3/hr

Head:               up to 125m

Materials:         Cast Iron with 27% Chrome White Iron Liner


Submersible pumps are used widely in drainage, slurry & wastewater applications, as well as well bore dewatering. Operating temperature up to 65 degrees C.


We supply heavy duty drainage & slurry submersible pumps, high pressure borehole pumps and ultrahigh flow axial flow submersible pumps.

Flow Rate:       up to 40000 m3/hr

Head:               up to 420m

Materials:         Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Duplex


Designed & manufactured to DIN 24255 / EN 733 standards. These pumps are suitable for most general pumping application and are interchangeable parts with other DIN pumps.

High quality yet cost effective, they are widely used in plants, mines, municipal water transfer, hot & cold water circulation, air conditioning, fire-fighting & irrigation.

Flow Rate:       up to 1100 m3/hr

Head:               up to 150m

Materials:        Cast Iron Body, Bronze/Brass Impeller, Mechanical Seal


Self-Priming, Semi Open Impeller pump suitable for water with solid size up to 75mm or pumping condition needing negative priming starts.

These pumps are used widely for pumping water from rivers, lakes and dams. They are also used to transfer low viscosity fluids.

Flow Rate:       up to 1250 m3/hr

Head:               up to 65m

Materials:        Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy

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